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Lonely Tower against Monsters

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Lonely Tower against Monsters


Simple Tower Defense game. You must defend the tower from the attack monsters from the ground and air.

- To move a Knight use the arrow left and right.
- To attack the Knight use the upper arrow.

- To shoot the cannon push, hold then release the mouse button.

Bat fireflies - These extremely spiteful creatures will not show, that falling from height means death. After loosing ability to fly, they'll still continue to charge your tower. so you have to kill them knight.

Dragon - This creatures's fire balls are powerful weapon, which force your character to walk outside the line of the tower so that takes the cannonade on himself.

Troll: The Knight can attack troll only if he's being dazed after he gets shot by a cannon ball. A troll is in daze for a 5 seconds and meanwhile you are able to attack him.

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